Maritime & Army Logistics

Supporting those who protect and defend freedom

Z Systems leverages our operational logistics experience and capabilities to expand our customer base and provide exemplary performance within the Maritime and Army Logistics arena. Our customers trust the Z Systems team to deliver expert services at the best value. We provide services to such organizations as Army Sustainment Command (ASC), Marine Corps Logistics Command, Army and Marine Corps Maritime Preposition Programs, and Ports of America to name a few.

Z Systems has a reputation for strong teams, collaborative partnerships, and bundled capabilities delivered with seamless agility, responsiveness, and creativity.

Driven by an excellent cadre of Subject Matter Experts with
strong Integrated Logistics Support backgrounds we deliver on a
multitude of projects, which include:

Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise Program (EAGLE), providing base support for the Fort Hood Logistics Readiness Center in the functional areas of supply, maintenance, and transportation.

Delivering shipboard maintenance, munitions, and material management. As well as, providing shore based marine diesel maintenance, supply, transportation, security, and logistics automation support as a sub-contractor to the USMC Maritime Prepositioning Ship (MPS) and Army Prepositioned Ship (APS-3) programs.

Staffing Port Operations Supervisors to manage Ports America Marine commercial container off-load in Port of Savannah.

Supporting Heavy Expanded Mobility Transport Truck (HEMTT) refurbishment operations at Sierra Army Depot.

Providing supply chain and maintenance services as a sub-contractor to deployed Marines as part of the USMC Distribution Management Center (DMC) team.