Program Management

Strategic Planning and Evaluation

We support the USAID Office of Private Voluntary Cooperation - American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Support (PVC-ASHA) providing strategic planning activities, performance monitoring and evaluation, and portfolio review. Z Systems performs planning, monitoring, evaluation and analysis on overseas institutions and U.S. sponsors in the implementation of ASHA grants.


Performance Management Planning

Performance management is the systematic process by which an organization involves its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of the organization’s mission and goals. At PVC-ASHA Z Systems conducts studies and prepares Performance Management Plans to assist in the obtainment of the organization’s goal to improve the grant process.

Z Systems was retained to conduct a diagnostic study of the current organizational culture of the NASA's Headquarters Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (OEOP) and the Equal Opportunity Board (EOB). The assessment examines organizational culture outcomes, practices, and other relevant issues that surface at NASA's Headquarters and designated Centers as they relate to the group’s personnel. The purpose of this engagement was to, assess the current state of OEOP/EOB/designated centers' operations, identify the ideal state, conduct gap analysis to identify specific areas or gaps between the current state and the desired state of the organization, obtain reliable data on the behavior norms and expectations of the organizations to include emerging and deep-rooted issues, and identify opportunities and make recommendations.

The assessment at NASA began with a series of one-on-one and focus group interviews. In addition, we distributed quantitative assessment instruments to targeted NASA employees. The instruments used are as follows: Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI), Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI) and the OCI Ideal. We deployed this methodology in an effort to garner employee perceptions and ascertain qualitative and quantitative statistics related to organizational culture, effectiveness, and productive performance.


Civil Engineering Services

We support the PVC-ASHA civil engineering projects through the management and conduct of engineering reviews. We review plans and engineering drawings to ensure compliance with environmental, national and local building codes. Onsite inspections are conducted to validate that construction is following approved plans.


Financial Management

We support the implementation of the PVC-ASHA Gant Program through the management of the financial and reporting requirements, financial and engineering reviews, audit management, grant closeout administration and maintenance of the official PVC-ASHA grant files.


Grants Management

USAID awarded Z Systems Corporation a contract to provide administrative, technical, and program support to the PVC-ASHA Grant program. The support involves providing assistance in implementing the planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation phases of the program - resulting in an effective and efficiently managed program. We support the pre-award implementation of the annual grant application process. We also conduct pre-award surveys for first-time grantees and grantees that have not received PVC-ASHA grants within the five preceding years from the date of application.

Conference Planning and Execution

At PVC-ASHA, we coordinate all logistics and administrative functions for both international and domestic conferences, and provide onsite support during the conference. We complete the necessary tasks such as scheduling, notification of attendees, coordination of conference space and other facilities (audio visual, conference rooms, setup, and complete hotel accommodations). We complete preparation and distribution of conference materials, facilitate breakout sessions, and onsite conference assistance to provide for a successful outcome of the conference. Other administrative support as necessary is provided during the time conferences are in progress.


Professional and Administrative Services

We offer non-personal support services in the form of program management, technical briefing preparation and delivery, meeting support, working and technical groups, and program review support and facilitation; and overall administrative support when necessary.

Our multimedia personnel provide the graphics and other support necessary to bring life into presentation materials and make them extremely interesting. Our technical staff provides the subject matter expertise to support our customers in the specific technology areas to compliment presentation materials. Our staff takes the necessary time to understand the scope, purpose and objective for each briefing package prior to and during the development.