Information Technology

Database and Data Warehouse Design and Development

Z Systems developed and maintained databases for the Component Repair Program for the Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) to update Master Data File (MDF). We designed and maintained a database of unfounded Support Equipment (SE) assets to enhance the management of Pre- and Post-Materiel Support Data (MSD), end items of SE, and posted it on a web page for worldwide access by Navy activities.

For the Army Modernization Training Automated System (AMTAS), Z Systems has transitioned the server and database from a client-server environment to a web-enabled environment using Cold Fusion. We complete design assessments, demonstrations and tests for the development of new software and hardware to support the New Equipment Training Plans. Data management support is delivered in the form of database engineering; tuning, assessments, and enhancements and other daily functions to ensure optimum database performance. Our personnel perform application software programming services, computer program and software development, computer programming services, computer software support services, database design, legacy interfaces/data migration, software analysis and design, software testing and web design.

We also perform maintenance and enhancement on the USAID Office of Private Voluntary Cooperation- American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (PVC-ASHA) grant database and other computer related improvements relative to the office.


Business Process Re-Engineering

Our personnel provide senior level technological support in the effort to assess, analyze, and recommend the best available information technology solutions to the Department of the Navy for its civilian personnel automation legacy and future systems needs as part of their re-engineering effort. Vendor product reviews and technical assessment were conducted to determine if the products offered covered the full spectrum of customer needs and to ensure that hardware and software performed as advertised. Architecture requirements were addressed both from a functional and operational perspective to ensure that OCHR could support its customers at a level which exceeds expectations. Prototyping was accomplished to provide an environment to conduct studies and analyzes of the impact of new systems introduced to the enterprise.


Web Site Design, Development and Maintenance

Z Systems created and manages the USAID Office of Private Voluntary Cooperation- American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (PVC-ASHA) Website. In addition we are replacing the PVC-ASHA Grants Management Systems (AGMS) systems’. The client-server databases are being migrated to a web-enabled grants management system that will provide real-time access to grant data from anywhere with increased user productivity and security.


Enterprise Management and Help Desk Support

Z Systems tasks included the maintenance, operation and extension of complex automated information systems including the receipt, warehousing and issuance of materials of all authorized DOD activities, including the Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) and Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) systems. We provide analysis of computer system requirements and generation of hardware purchase recommendations for NAVAIR programs and operate a Help Desk to include telephone and on-line support for Fleet user problems with the systems.

Integration Services and Network Design and Support

Z Systems provides design and enterprise development support such as data warehouses, storage area network (SAN) local/wide area network (LAN/WAN), disaster recovery, capacity planning, performance monitoring, computer security design and support and overall facilities operation and maintenance support.